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High Quality Native White Tail Deer

 Lazy HS Ranch is located 16 miles South of Jourdanton on Highway 16, Southern Atascosa County, focusing on quality  livestock and wildlife.  Lazy HS offers quality, native, management deer hunts for whitetail does and bucks scoring 125" - 150" and limited, guided dove and Bob White Quail hunts. MLD permits are available for all hunts. 

 Lazy HS has been  an active member of the State Management Land Deer Program (MLD) for the past 18 years, starting out as a low fence and moving into a high fence scenario in 2012 for better control of ratios and quality.  

 Lazy HS Ranch runs a quality Gelbvieh cross cattle heard while being diligent in maintaining a high quality, native whitetail deer heard for 40+ years. Also, focusing on a rigorous predator controlled program, game and song birds, horned lizards and dry land tortoise.   

With emphasis being placed on improving the native whitetail deer genetics, a small percentage of the heard was introduced to the ranch in 2016. With hand-selected bucks, the ranch is focusing on staying as close to "Typical" antler growth as possible. Besides the natural, maintained habitat, alternative food sources, such as planted annual food plots and protein pellet feeders are used year round to aid in maximum body condition and antler growth.  

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Come check us out! Overnight accommodations and cleaning facilities are available, as well as, current season photos of deer that are available for harvest in the current season. 

Lazy HS Ranch

P.O. Box 414, Jourdanton, TX 78026, US


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